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Books have to be heavy by Moonlight-Traveller

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Honesty was for those who could afford it, like heating or electricity or a conscience.

City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #3) by Stacia Kane 

"You drive me insane, June," he murmurs against my hair. "You’re the scariest, bravest person I know, and sometimes I can’t catch my breath because I’m try so hard to keep up. There will never be another like you. You realize that, don’t you?" I tilt my face up to see him. His eyes reflect the faint lights from the Jumbotrons, a rainbow of evening colors. "Billions of people will come and go in this world," he says softly, "but there will never be another like you."

My heart twists and threatens to break. I don’t know how to respond.

Champion (Legend #3) by Marie Lu 

The first time in quite some time that a ya trilogy hasn’t completely disappointed me in the end. 


Books | Perth

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Outlander Teaser

Oh. My. God.

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there’s a big difference between “i’m sad because a character i was emotionally invested in was killed off” and “this character’s death served no purpose, was used for shock value, and is the product of bad writing and i’m upset about that”


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My friends get me. 

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Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8) by Patricia Briggs: 4/5 Stars.


“Mercy?” His voice was very calm, that “people are going to die” calm only he could do. As soon as he started to speak, silence fell behind him because I wasn’t the only one who knew that voice.”

I’ll go ahead and say it: I wasn’t particularly psyched about reading this book. I had a hard time finishing Frost Burned and felt like the series might be headed for a downward spiral. You know the kind. The one where the author runs out of ideas, but the books keep coming out long after you’ve stopped reading them. And then you lose that thing that you had with that series that you loved, and you feel like you can’t ever reasonable recommend it to anyone else again. You file your love for it away in some secret, hidden corner of your heart, and try not to think about it very often. The emotions are far too complicated.

So, that didn’t happen. Hasn’t happened. Yet.

Here’s the rundown: Adam’s needy ex-wife, also known as Jesse’s flaky mom, calls Adam for help. She has a stalker. A bad one. That has probably killed at least one person. She wants the protection of Adam and the pack. Mercy is skeptical about the situation, as it is Christy…lying, manipulative Christy….BUT. She can hear the sincerity in her voice. She means it. She’s terrified. And she’s Jesse’s mom. And there’s no safer place for her.

As luck would have it, Christy’s stalker is some kind of immortal, super-powerful disaster they’ve never seen before. And they have no idea how to kill it.

In my opinion, this ended up being one of the better installments in the series. It was a page turner. I couldn’t put it down…even if the reason I couldn’t put it down was because I was so enraged by Christy’s ridiculous antics, I just had to keep reading until I finally got that bitch out of my hair. The pack tripping over themselves to cater to her every whim was equally –no wait, even more infuriating. Mercy is Adam’s mate. She’s pack. She’s earned her place. From what I understand, Christy was a shit storm in his life, and was disgusted by the werewolves. My opinion of some of these wolves has suffered after this one.

Another thing I loved. Meeting Gary Laughingdog and the return of Coyote. Anytime Patricia can mix in a little Coyote, you know we’re in for a treat. Also. Seeing Honey stick up for Mercy in her own way and seeing how she is coping with her loss and new role within the pack.

Disliked: Well, Christy. She was annoying. That’s been said, but as she was a vital part of this installment and did keep me turning pages, I’m willing to overlook it. I also had one big question that was never really answered, and I don’t expect it to ever be answered. But there’s another thing. A big thing, and a minor spoiler: Mercy goes on a slut-shaming rant towards the end. If Christy wasn’t so carefree with her sexing and her lady parts, none of this would have happened and no one would have gotten hurt. If she would have gotten to know him, she would have known he was a supernatural psychopath. Oh, Patricia. Why’d you have to do it? You know how I feel about the slut-shaming. It’s a huge kick-in-the-ass to feminism and it’s so damn sad.

So here’s what I’m left with. An eighth book in the series that, despite one major disappointment in my eyes, was still good enough for a 4-star rating, and hopes that the series ends soon and goes out with a bang. I know, this probably sounds blasphemous to all the other Mercy Thompson fans out there, but do we really want to see this series go down that road and end up in that sad place?

P.S. Can said “bang” not be birth, please? Thanks. 




Why can’t one have both?

Pretty please with fucking sugar on top?!?

I would like both please!

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Tried to read; the words swam on the page. Tried to watch TV; the people wandered around, saying and doing insiped things - well, that wasn’t just nerves and drugs, that was TV no matter what - until she wanted to throw her knife through the screen. She’d snapped it off and the silence blasted her from her chair. None of her CDs sounded right, were what she wanted to hear. She finally shoved in Radio Birdman just to fill the apartment with sound. Just so her misery had some company.

Stacia Kane, City of Ghosts (via gottaquoteit)

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